Laser Teeth Whitening

We all have our vices: some of us smoke or enjoy more than occasional coffee or red wine. We end up with less-than-perfect smiles as a result, with our teeth becoming stained over time. Since its the 21st century, though, bleaching our teeth is an option to reverse the effects of our lifestyles. Many people are concerned about the negative effects of teeth whitening, with stories of burning, sensitivity and pain being common in conversations about the procedure. Unfortunately, traditional teeth whitening processes do occasionally lead to undesired results, and so the concerns are valid.

On the plus side, whitening technology has evolved there is no need to panic! Laser whitening has been around for less than a decade, after being developed by leading dentists and surgeons in the USA. Only a handful of South African cosmetic dentistry practices have the equipment for laser whitening treatments, and The Cosmetic Village is proud to be one of them.

Traditional bleaching involves putting a paste on the teeth, leaving it on for around 20 minutes, removing it and then repeating the process. The procedure is known to cause burning sensations as well as tooth sensitivity. Laser whitening was developed by the American BIOLASE group to address these problems directly.

When coming in for laser whitening, our head cosmetic dentist, Dr Adel Rossouw, has a running offer that you will receive a free full-mouth teeth cleaning. Following your cleaning session, the laser whitening process begins. A protective layer is applied to the gums to protect from burning, and the whitening gel is then applied to the teeth. This gel contains calcium, potassium and fluoride, along with the laser-activated whitening agent. Thus, laser whitening strengthens teeth and reduces sensitivity.

The laser whitening process is significantly faster than traditional bleaching methods, since it only takes half an hour, beginning to end (a full hour including the free cleaning). The results, too, are dramatic; traditional bleaching generally achieves an improvement of one or two shades, while laser whitening is significantly more.

Following the procedure, we generally recommend a white diet that is, no coffee, red wine, soft drinks or other foods and drinks known to stain teeth for ten days. We also provide a small tube of Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste to assist further with the whitening process and maximise results. With only one painless session being necessary, the results are beautiful and affordable. Perfecting your smile has never been easier!

The effects of laser whitening generally last three to four years, depending on lifestyle, with it being perfectly safe to repeat the process when the effects naturally wear off. Generally, smoking, red wine and coffee consumption are the main culprits when it comes to reducing the life of a whitening process.

Contact us to find out more about how laser whitening works, what the benefits are and how we can help bring the glow back to your smile. The results might surprise you; but we at the Cosmetic Village believe in beauty at any age.

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