Thread Lifting

Gone are the days of going into theatre for a chin or cheek lift and ending up with scarring that takes several procedures to remove theres a new, non-surgical procedure that produces the same results without the painful post-operation recovery.

Thread lifting is a recent development in the field of cosmetic surgery, where the emphasis is moving towards making procedures as non-invasive as possible. The Cosmetic Village has brought thread lifting to South Africa, pioneering the introduction of the procedure locally.

The practice of thread lifting involves the insertion of dissolvable suture material under the facial skin in areas that need to be lifted. Double chins, crows feet, sagging cheeks, sinking brows and nasolabial bulges can all be corrected with the aid of thread lifting. The Cosmetic Village has already performed several thread lifting procedures, with all of those who have received it being overwhelmingly pleased with the beautiful results.

The threads are inserted under the skin with needles in a net-like pattern. These threads then tighten and lift the skin in the desired direction and pattern, elevating and repositioning fat pads in the process to reduce sagging. In some cases, the thread implanting process can be done in conjunction with the addition of a fat-dissolving solution, which will attack fat cells and cause them to self-destruct. Your body will then naturally flush them out over time, with the lifting threads supporting the skin to prevent sagging.

The dissolvable sutures take roughly 200 days to fully dissolve, but in that time, they stimulate the production of your bodys natural collagen. As a result, once the sutures are fully dissolved, you will have a remaining structure in natural collagen remaining under the skin that has been tightened, and this structure will last years. Generally, the effects of thread lifting will last five to ten years, and it is perfectly safe to have the procedure repeated when those years have passed and the facial structure has naturally sagged somewhat again.

The process of thread lifting is painless: only a topical anaesthetic is required, and the results are partially visible immediately. The full effect becomes prominent two to three months after the procedure, however, as the sutures anchor themselves to the underside of the skin and tighten fully. The procedure itself does result in bruising, but it subsides within days.

With this innovative procedure eliminating the need for invasive and extensive surgical procedures, we have on our hands a tremendous leap forward in facial cosmetic work. Thread lifting is significantly more affordable than in-theatre plastic surgery, and it is highly effective. We have found that it is particularly effective for rejuvenating mature facial structures, as well as lifting facial skin that has sagged as a result of dramatic weight loss. Since only one treatment is necessary and the results last up to a decade, thread lifting is a practical, affordable and meaningful addition to The Cosmetic Villages repertoire of cosmetic procedures that revive, revitalize and refresh.

Because here at The Cosmetic Village, we believe in beauty at any age.

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