Chemical Peels

Winter is finally upon us, and weve had a few questions lately about whether its the right time to have facial aesthetic work done. The answer, especially in the case of chemical peels, is yes!

Chemical peels can be harsh on sensitive skin, but they are also very effective at evening out tone variations and even treating certain skin conditions. At the Cosmetic Village, we try to avoid doing deep peels wherever we can, rather favouring the lighter versions that are much less harmful.

Regardless of the type of chemical peel, though, winter is the best time of year to have it done. Skin that has undergone a peel becomes very sensitive during the healing process, and so is very susceptible to sunburn. Winter sunlight is much less harsh than the summer sun, and so the success of a chemical peel can be much more likely during winter. In reality, skin that has undergone a peeling process can be worse off than before if it gets sunburnt: there is a risk of scarring and permanent unevenness if sunburn occurs.

A chemical peel works by applying a mask paste to the facial area and leaving it for a certain amount of time, depending on the patient and the type of peel. The mask causes the top layer of skin to flake off, stimulating light inflammation that causes dead and damaged skin to peel off. This process then reveals younger, more even-looking skin underneath. This skin then heals to become smoother, looking very much rejuvenated.

Chemical peels arent just for more mature skin, though, nor are they purely cosmetic. Peels have become increasingly popular as a medical treatment, with the process being successfully used to get severe acne under control in young adults, to remove permanent pigmentation in skin of all ages and even remove the signs of facial scars, marks and certain birth marks. Despite the procedures popularity amongst women, peels can work wonders on mens skin too, particularly when it comes to conditions such as acne, scarring and pigmentation. Dermatologists often recommend chemical peels as treatment options for men and women for certain skin conditions. If youre unsure about whether a peel is right for you, call us and consult with our doctors, or contact your dermatologist to make sure.

Patients generally need only one session, but more than one can be recommended in some cases, depending on the desired results. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, and repeat sessions can improve the results over time. The point of a chemical peel is not to look younger thats up to more structural procedures like thread lifting a peels objective is to make you look rejuvenated. Were here to make you look glowing and revived, because when you look good, you feel good. Whether youre getting a chemical peel on its own or in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures that we offer at The Cosmetic Village, we can reverse the harsh signs of ageing affordably and in comfort.

Because we believe in beauty at any age.

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